Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

What a fine way to pass a Tuesday evening, after being very kindly invited by Ian and Simon -- with Ben and Aska -- to visit The Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Farringdon.

What you're here to do is make merry while drinking whisky from single cask bottlings...

Single malt whisky can vary significantly from cask to cask (even casks from the same distillery that have lain side by side for the same number of years). It is this variation that the Society celebrates, as the casks selected by the Society's Tasting Panel often do not conform to usual regional whisky identities.

I can second this claim -- the single cask drams we drank last night had an immense amount of character and intensity: powerfully assertive on the nose, and with a vivid liveliness in the gob. You'll be needing that wee jug of water, too -- some of these specimens come in north of 55%, or even 60%, alcohol.

A nice touch is the entertaining, impressionistic yet detailed tasting notes accompanying the whiskies, which appear to have been written by a dandyish synaesthete -- one recent bottling is named Pea and ham soup in a steam train.

See if you can get a member to take you on a visit; and then, who knows? Perhaps you could join, and this view could become a regular one...


Helen said...

I went to this once. It was amazing. The tasting notes actually made my day 'notes of washed hospital floors and the whiff of a doctor's bag' etc

Graeme said...

Ian emailed this morning to say that his favourite is "Elastoplast on a Roasted Tongue".

Pleased -- and not entirely surprised! -- to hear that you have been to the MWS before, Graves