Monday, April 23, 2012

John Malkovich on the Chrysler Building

"'s so crazy and vigorous in its execution, so breathtaking in its vision, so brilliantly eccentric..."

I can't actually remember if I saw this short film when it was originally broadcast on BBC2 in 1995 -- I may only have seen it advertised. But either way, after 17 years, I still remembered that John Malkovich once made a wistful and reflective short film about the Chrysler Building, which I've loved for a very long time. How satisfying -- and easy, of course -- it was to find it online.

Malkovich describes well his attraction to the stylish charms of the building, and the later architectural shift towards the sort of faceless, monolithic, corporate look of buildings like the World Trade Centre.


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Killian said...

An ominous date to have been completed!